This Mаn Rescuеs a Straу Kittеn, She Cаn’t Stoр Thаnking Him

Stray kittens have a really hard time surviving on their own.

It’s all too easy for them to succumb to the elements and without a mother to guard them and teach them they rarely make it to adulthood.

When this little kitten was found she was filthy dirty and incredibly hungry.

There was no way they were going to leave this little baby behind so her rescuers took her despite the fact that they would have to deal with their jealous cats when they got home.

They tried to feed her on regular cat food but she was too small and weak to manage it on her own.

So they cooked some chicken and cut it into small bite sizes pieces and after feeding her belly she nodded off to sleep.

They noticed she was having trouble keeping one of her eyes open.

There was concern that it may have been injured but they cleaned it up and it looked much better.

She now behaves like a little lady, and began trusting us enough to pet her.

She purrs a lot, and quite loudly too!

After another nap they gave her a toy to play with and she soon started playing with it.

All she need was a little love and attention to get he to act like a normal kitten again.

A few days later and she is healthier, cleaner, and full of love for her rescuers!

“She loves grabbing my face and kissing me, or just headbutting my lips.”

They decided to name her Mimi and she snuggles up to her humans any chance she can get.

Little Mimi is so grateful that they saved her from a terrible life in the outdoors.

Watch the video of her playing:

And here she is now, doing all the things that little kittens of her age should be doing.

It’s so heartwarming to see Mimi in a loving forever home that will give her all the attention and care she needs.

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