Dog Rescues Kitten Found Alone on Farm

A tiny kitten that was orphaned has luckily found a brand new forever family, along with a to keep her company!

Morgan, who just so happens to be a proud pet parent to five puppies, obviously wasn’t planning to have a new cat, however, this tiny kitten managed to find her way into her life.

Just a few months back, Morgan heard some faint meows coming from outside the area of the farm. “We tried calling for her but could not find her in the thick layer of trees out behind our farm,” Morgan explained to Love Meow. “We took one of our big cats out to where she was crying, and he sniffed her right out. She was in a little tree stump.”

They decided it would be best to leave the kitten in the exact spot just to see if the mama cat would come back. They then monitored the whole situation from afar. After a few hours had passed, they just knew they had to take over.

“When it got dark we got nervous about her because we live on a farm where foxes come around a lot,” Morgan went on to say. “So I went out and brought her inside. She couldn’t see a thing and was covered in fleas.”

They decided to name the kitten Polly. Polly then got a much-needed bath  Paxton (aka Pax), the 12-year-old resident dog, came to the kitten when she heard her squeaks.

The gentle giant of a dog very quickly took to the  little kitty and began caring for her. Obvioulsy, the kitten was drawn to the warmth of the huge dog and snuggled right into his fur for some comfort. The kitten immediately stopped crying, curled up next to the dog and fell right to sleep.

The kitty obviously didn’t want to be alone ever again, and from that day forward, Pax never left her side.

Morgan fed Polly by bottle for a period of three weeks, just until she was ready to try eating on her own. Whenever it was time to eat, Pax would just wait patiently, watching his brand new kitten friend gobble down o some grub.

Then, just as soon as the kitten finished eating, the dog jumped right in and began his cleaning duties.

“Before she could bathe herself, Pax would clean all the bottle milk off her,” Morgan said to with Love Meow. “He has taught her so many dog things, including an off barking noise she makes.”

Even now, Polly follows her best canine friend everywhere, like a cute little shadow.

The former stray truly has grown into a rambunctious older kitten. She is full of mischief. Pax always just lets her play and wrestle with his tail and never seems to get tired of all her payful ways!

Be sure to watch the inspiring video clip of Polly and Pax in the cute video clip just below:

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