“Took in a stray cat…that followed us home…We woke up to a surprise the next morning.”

A reddit user named re-verse and his wife shared an amazing story about what happened when a stray cat wouldn’t stop following his wife. The compassionate woman didn’t hesitate to bring the cat home with them but what happens next is totally unbelievable.

This is the cat that wouldn’t give up on finding a new home.

“This cat wouldn’t take no for an answer. We took her in, and we had no idea she was pregnant (she is tiny). We’re going to raise the kittens for 8 weeks, get the family spayed/neutered, get their shots up to date, and adopt them all off.” noted re-verse.

This is what happened after a few days…

“So, the babies are coming along well. The mom is still a flurry of claws for any pets that come near her closet, but she has bonded well with her young, and then seem to be developing nicely. The grey one has open eyes now, would like to get photos within a few days.”

“Once they are old enough, We’ll get the whole family fixed, vaccinated, chipped, and adopted out.”

“Mom knew she needed a safe and warm place to give birth. Her motherly instincts took over which is why she was so persistent. She and her kitty’s thank you for being intuitive enough to perceive her need and let her in. I hope wonderful things happen for you via karma this weekend as a result of your kindness” Commented by JewbaruWagon



Another user, chamcook commented “Thanks for the update of these surprises. Your kids look like they are being so gentle and observant, good lesson for them on empathy, caring for those who need it, and keeping distance from fragile beings. Good parenting!”

Look at these cuties! Don’t they just melted your heart?

“Wow, those kids (both human and feline, but mostly the human ones) are so lucky! Such an amazing opportunity for them to learn and grow.” Said kerimu

In the end, everyone looks happy and the cats are now in the safe hands of this lovely family.

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