Who Says Cats Aren’t Smart? This One Goes Incredible Lengths to Steal a Chicken Drumstick

Cats are sneaky and we know it. Many people believe they’re smart, but not as smart as dogs. Well, if you ever doubted it, we have proof of how smart cats are. A recent viral video of a cat shows a shrewd feline trying to cleverly steal a chicken drumstick.

We’ve all seen cats begging for food, but this one takes the game to a whole new level. It’s using a tactic we’ve not seen so far, trying to get the affection of its owner before stealing the chicken. He’s just being very affectionate with his dad which was pretty suspicious from the beginning. He’d be a great actor in Hollywood if it wasn’t for one of his paws touching the meat.

Clever attempt, but the owner had none of it. Still, we pass our regards to Joker as one of Hollywood’s budding stars.

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