Cat Gоt Baсk to Her Belоved Kitten and Nеver Left His Sidе – Theу Hoрe for Hоme Togethеr

A tabby cat got back to her beloved kitten and hasn’t left his side since. They share an adorable bond.

Early this year, a pregnant cat came to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, a cat rescue in Canada, after she was rescued from a difficult situation.

A Good Samaritan brought her to safety just in time, so the cat wouldn’t have to give birth in the cold. They named her Gisel and she was estimated to be about one year old. A few days after she arrived in foster care, the tabby went into labor.

The first kitten, Pruno, was a healthy boy and very vocal from the start. He immediately latched onto his mom, showing much vitality. But within the next 24 hours, things took a turn for the worst when Gisel was no longer eating and couldn’t care for her kitten.

She was rushed to the hospital where they discovered that she was battling severe infections. Pruno was the only surviving kitten and had to be separated from his mom, while she underwent a life-saving surgery.

“Gisel felt so much better after surgery and started to eat again,” Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with us. Once she was ready to be discharged, she returned to her foster home to be reunited with her beloved kitten.

Gisel donned a recovery suit as she was on medications and couldn’t nurse her kitten. But nothing could stop her from doting and caring for her single baby.

“When she was back with her kitten, they immediately recognized each other. She started grooming him and has been with him ever since.”

Stef, the foster mom, bottle fed the kitten around the clock while Gisel carried on with the rest of the mommy duties. She groomed baby Pruno from head to tail, and cradled him in her arms until they fell asleep together.

“Even though she couldn’t feed him, she took great care of him. Pruno was really good with the bottle, and he grew quickly with two moms catering to him.”

Gisel has been a loving mother and is very close to Pruno. She always keeps an eye out for her baby, making sure that he stays out of trouble.

Watch Gisel and Pruno in this cute video:

The tabby boy likes to imitate his mom, learning how to cat from the best.

Pruno is catching up in size and getting more playful and curious each day.

Even though he is a teenage cat now, Gisel continues to mother him, give him mandatory baths and put up with his rough play and all his antics.

“Pruno likes to explore and check out new places. He will meow if he wants something. His mom is just as adventurous as he is,” Celine shared with us.

“They enjoy spending time together, playing and snuggling. They share a wonderful connection.”

At three months old now, Pruno is ready to embark on a new journey with his mom. They are looking for a loving home where they can stay together forever.

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