Pregnаnt Cаt Arrivеs at Hеalth Сlinic in Turkeу Meоwing for Helр

Animals are much more intelligent than many people give them credit for, and this cat is no exception. A pregnant cat in a province of Turkey was meowing for help in front of the local family health center as her contractions started to become too hard to endure.

According to local news website Bitlis 13 Haber, the heartwarming and astounding scenario took place on a Wednesday as a cat in labor started to meow at the door of the No.2 health center in Tatvan district. That is when they realized she was having some complications in giving birth to her kittens.

The nurses allowed her in but they didn’t know what was wrong with the pregnant kitty. They soon realized that despite some moments of extremely intense labor the cat wasn’t able to deliver any kittens. They than decided to call the municipality vet.

After being taken to the Tatvan Municipality Stray Animal Neutering and Rehabilitation Center, a vet by the name of Sefer Durmuş saw that the cat was having a lot of difficulty with natural birth so he took her in for a caesarean section (more commonly known as c-section).

“When we received the cat, she was in a poor condition and in pain. Because the time for her to give birth had passed, we had to urgently give her an operation,” said the veterinary who performed the cesarean section.”

The cat ended up giving birth to a total of four healthy kittens and Durmuş explained that the mother was in good condition after the operation.

The cat clearly realized she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own, so what better place to go than a Health Clinic? What a smart mama cat!

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