This Mаn Used His Wаrm Cоffee To Resсue 3 Kittеns That Wеre Frоzen To The Grоund For Hоurs

Who would have thought that coffee could be used to save lives? Well, all right, there’s a heap of studies on the benefits of coffee and how it can prevent certain illnesses, so a lot of people probably thought that.

I am, however, not referring to saving lives by means of ingesting coffee, but rather by pouring it. That’s right. Pouring it. You know, like pouring coffee on someone’s tongue when it freezes to a flag pole because someone else told them that people over 30 can’t have their tongues frozen to a pole (If you got this reference, post it in the comments).

Canadian Kendall Diwisch stumbled upon 3 kittens frozen to the ground during his work

Kendall Diwisch, a Canadian oil worker from Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada, was doing a well checkup run when he stumbled upon 3 abandoned kittens on one of the back roads.

Diwisch stopped to investigate and was greeted by the sound of desperate meowing. He soon discovered that two of the three tiny kittens had their tails frozen to the ground.

Apparently, two of the three kittens’ tails were frozen to the snow and they couldn’t move anywhere


Without hesitation, he ran to melt the ice by pouring warm coffee on their frozen tails

The man did not hesitate and leaped back to the car to pick up the only ice-melting thing he had—warm coffee. After getting back to the abandoned animals, he started pouring whatever remaining coffee he had on the tails. To the man’s surprise, the adorable kittens instinctively started drinking it, but not enough to have any negative effects.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough coffee (or it wasn’t warm enough) for it to do the trick. So, Diwisch decided to give it a little pull. Despite the cute kittens meowing in discomfort, he managed to fairly easily set them free from their icy prison. No kittens were scalded or harmed during the animal rescue operation.

Diwisch later posted on Facebook about this little adventure, which went viral


The hero took the three little critters home to be fed and warmed up

Diwisch brought the 3 furry felines back to the car and drove them home, where they were warmed up and fed. The tiny stray cats were also dewormed as Diwisch was planning to give them up for adoption.

The hero later took to Facebook to share highlights from his adventure with the kittens. He suspected that the kittens were frozen for the whole night, so they were lucky he happened to pop by at the right place and at the right time before they froze to death.

Here’s the video showing how it all went down


It wasn’t long until the three little furballs found a new warm home

Diwisch’s story soon went viral with a number of news outlets covering the story and many social media websites reposting it.

It wasn’t long until all three kittens found a new home. According to Diwisch, he received tons of offers to adopt the kittens. Cause for Critters, a local animal shelter in Drayton Valley, later announced in a post that the kittens were taken in by a family also living in Drayton Valley.

A happy ending to a feel-good story. Have any rescue stories of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. We rescued an 8 year old orange tabby cat from the Humane society. This cat was very sweet at first. Then, we learned of his terrible past and knew we couldn’t leave him behind. He was previously surrendered because he scratched a child really bad. That was his 4th or 5th home. What happened that caused him to freak out in that manner?

    He was tortured by that kid. Ears pulled. Tail pulled. Kicked. Slapped. Thrown. And, worst of all, shot with bb gun. He still has 2 lodged in his tiny body that we know of. His torture was so awful that he lost his meow. He can make little squeaks but no meow.

    We took him home and named him Sushi. He was very scared at first. He would swing at us and our kids as they walked by him. Sometimes, leaving scratches.

    One day, our youngest (4 years old at the time) was sick. Sushi laid down next to her and allowed her to love on him. From that day on, he was very loveable. He stopped swinging at people walking by him and started enjoying laps and snuggles. He hasn’t scratched anyone in over a year and a half. We’ve had him for 4 ½ years now. He’s in his furever home.

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