Cheekу Cаtto Stuсk On 13th Floоr Lеdge Of Bukit Jаlil Cоndo Gets Resсued

If you’re a cat owner, you’d be familiar with how cheeky and mischievous your fur babies can get when you don’t keep a careful eye on them.

Recently, cat owner, Syahirah shared one such incident exclusively with WORLD OF BUZZ after she discovered her cat outside the window, on the ledge of the 13th floor of her condominium in Bukit Jalil.

When asked how her cat ended up on the ledge, Syahirah said she let her cleaner into her place on Sunday morning at around 8am and went back to sleep since it was still pretty early for the weekend. At around 11.30am she woke up and went out of the room but noticed that one of her four cats was missing.

“I asked the cleaner lady where my fourth cat went and she pointed out the window. So it must’ve happened when she opened the window to clean it.”

She immediately called the BOMBA for help at around 12pm. In just 20 minutes, five BOMBA personnel arrived at her condo. Syahirah shared how the abang-abang BOMBA were extremely nice and even tried to crack a few jokes to calm down the concerned cat owner and make her laugh in a situation that seemed rather stressful.

“They greeted me with a joke, ‘Eh tadi kata dia nangis ni okay je?’ (Eh just now they said you were crying but now you look fine!).” The friendly and brave firefighters saved the cheeky catto by tying a long rope to a pillar and connected it to a harness before climbing out from Syahirah’s bedroom window down to the ledge and efficiently took the cat back into the condominium.

Aside from worrying about her fluffy feline, Syahirah said it was a very pleasant experience thanks to the abang-abang bomba. “They knew how to calm down my nerves and were quick to help my cat.” As for the cheeky catto, Syahirah said, “I nagged him for a few minutes then hugged and kissed him. After that, we took a nap together.” Nobody can stay mad at their fur babies for too long.

As alarming as this situation was, Syahirah said this is actually the second time this has happened! When asked what her takeaway was from this, she said “I have to be more aware of my cats’ whereabouts and keep the windows closed. If it’s open I’ll make sure I’m present and let my guests know that my cats will try to climb out so they are aware too.”

She also advised other pet owners to stay calm if they were ever faced with such a situation. “Do not try to take matters into your own hands if it’s dangerous. Call for help right away. And try to make sure the cat doesn’t move until BOMBA arrives. BOMBA will come right away and help you, no payment needed.”

Kudos to the brilliant Bukit Jalil Bomba team for delivering this catto to safety. You can find their post on the rescue operation of the catto on Facebook here.

Do you guys have any crazy pet stories? Share them with us in the comments!

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