Cat Мissing for 3 Daуs Rеturns Hоme After Running Uр a Dеbt

A chubby, grey tabby cat went missing in Thailand for three days, however, when she returned home it was found out that she’d created some trouble.

While she was on her walkabout, she appeared to have accrued some debt – three mackerels to be exact!

On closer inspection, her human discovered that she was wearing a new collar that had a small placard hanging from it. It was in fact a handwritten note on cardboard which read: “Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave her three. Aunty May at alley number 2.” The kind shop owner had even written down her phone number.

So the cheeky kitty had been running a tab (or should I say tabby!) at this store, and was obviously very comfortable with letting her family foot the bill.

Thankfully her family found the whole situation extremely funny and didn’t have a problem with paying off her debt, the only thing now is that she knows where to go to get her paws on some delicious fish!

The photographs of this adventurous kitty looking distinctly unapologetic and rather pleased with herself were shared to Facebook and have now gone viral with many people commenting of the cheekiness of this chubby tabby with the beautiful smile. Others praised the shopkeeper for her kindness and offered to pay the debt.

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