Riсky Gervаis Attemрts To Fоster A Cat But Ends Up Adoоting Her And She’s Tаking Over His Feеd

Beloved English actor and comedian Ricky Gervais (you know, the one who’s incredibly blunt and makes lots of very natural pauses while talking) has caught the internet’s attention. But not for his antics. He decided to foster a cat named Pickle during the lockdown and photos of the “healthy, smart, intelligent” feline are nearly all that the 59-year-old posts on Instagram now.

And you know what? We love it. Ricky and his partner, writer and TV star Jane Fallon, initially only took Pickle in temporarily. Until it could find its new forever home. However, the beautiful catto won Ricky and Jane over and they kept her in the end. It’s a total win all-round: they’re all happy and we get to stare lovingly into Pickle’s eyes.

Ricky Gervais took in a foster cat. Just for a bit. Right until the moment that he and his partner, Jane, decided to keep her forever and named her Pickle


Ricky talks more about his new cat in this Instagram video right here

The plan to keep Pickle only for a few days until somebody else would adopt her for real failed in the best way possible. Now, the cat’s a part of the Gervais family. The moment that broke any resistance that Ricky and Jane might have had came when Pickle kept getting on the comedian’s lap and staring at him. “We’re keeping her,” he wrote on Instagram. And the rest is history.

The couple fostered Pickle 7 months after their previous cat, Ollie, passed away in March 2020. Ollie was 16 years old when that happened. Ricky and Jane were absolutely devastated and their friends and family showed their support after the loss.

But during the coronavirus lockdown, the couple thought that they could help some pets in need by opening up their home to them. Even if for a little while (hey, not all plans work out).

Initially, Pickle wasn’t Pickle at all. The rescue shelter that had taken the cat in earlier named her Catkins. A fine name. A great name, even. But it was time for something fresh to mark a new era. Jane settled on ‘Pickle’ later on. Or, rather, ‘Picklicious Fatkins the First’ if you want to know her full meowgnificent title.


“Quick update on the cat we’re fostering: She keeps getting on my lap and staring at me. We’re keeping her”




Now, Ricky barely posts anything else on Instagram apart from beautiful pictures of Pickle, aka Picklicious Fatkins the First







There are some great artistic shots in between all the goofy snaps, too












Feed before cat


Feed after cat

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