Guу Translated A Сonversation Between Two Cats, And It’s Нilarious

Have you ever got the chance to witness two or more cats talking to each other? If you already have, it must be an amusing scene! Cats are often said to be cold and aloof even with other cats, they rarely meow towards each other the way they use their language to communicate with humans (and when they do, mostly just because they want to boss their hoomans around). So when these two kitties were caught patiently and politely communicating with one another, they immediately went viral.

Stina (right) and Mossy (left) were both 10 years old when this footage was taken. According to what their owner shared, these two kitties prefer fighting over peacefully hanging out, so when they suddenly forgot the rivalry to chat for about one hour, he couldn’t help filming the weird moment and uploading the footage to his YouTube channel.

In fact, it was his channel’s very first video and it was also uploaded right on the day he joined YouTube. In other words, it was these cute cats who made him think about starting his own channel on this social media platform. It’s totally understandable though, who could resist the charm of these cuties?

Let’s listen to the in-depth yet mirthful conversation of Stina and Mossy:

Yes, it sounds like all they did was just asking each other whether they were okay, but we all know that it obviously wasn’t the topic at all. What were they gossiping about? Life, food, sports, fashion? The interesting thing is that we can always picture our own version of the conversation and no one could ever tell that we are wrong.

Here is a brilliant idea of what exactly was going on between these two adorable felines. The conversation was translated by a guy named Andrew Grantham, and it will put a smile on your face for sure:

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