The Waу My Cаt Toоk Cаre of a Straу Kittу will Mеlt Yоur Heаrt

Fred was orphaned, scared, underweight when he was found in a parking lot. He was a month and a half old “fits in your palm” tiny kitty when he was introduced to a two-year-old male tabby, Karl.

What happened next was no short of wonderful, a beautiful friendship that will last forever.

When he was found, Fred was tiny, scared, alone and missed his mama sooo much.

Karl, being no less than a gentleman, took him under his own wing and showed him the ropes

He became his protector and took upon himself to take care of this tiny furball that had tumbled into his life

And he deserves a lot of love!

They’re always curious about everything…

This dynamic duo are always there to help in the kitchen while lunch is in the making…

…to lounging around afterwards, which is what they do best!

This delightful duo are a great reminder that the love you give to others always finds its way back to you

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