Kind Man Saves Stranded Kitten Сaught In Heavу Rain At The Side Of The Road

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook timeline is full of stories about cats and dogs getting rescued off of the streets by good samaritans who end up adopting their new furry friends.

It truly gives a whole new meaning behind adopt, don’t shop.

Adopting a kitten that’s stranded under a heavy rain

Netizen Patrick Song took to his Facebook profile to showcase his furry new friend, a little kitten he named ‘Pan Borneo’ after he had rescued it, as it was stranded at the side of the road as the rain poured down in Sarawak.

He wrote, “On the way back from Batang Ai, just before Sungai Tenggang, I saw this kitten being washed across the road by the rain. Luckily, the lorry and cars behind did not run him over.

“I had to go about 1-2 km before being able to turn back. I could not find him at first, just as we were about to turn back towards home again, we saw him huddling in the rain at the side of the road. So, I ran over and got him. I will name him ‘Pan Borneo’.”

Considering how heavy the rain was, the poor kitten must have been very scared and cold as it was drenched.

The kitten must have had some of its nine lives left as Patrick managed to spot it through the rain and managed to rescue it before anything bad could happen to it.


Patrick, who spoke to WORLD OF BUZZ, ensured that the little kitten is doing very well after he had taken it to the vet for check up and the necessary set of injections.

We’re so happy for the kitten as it is clearly now in safe hands, where it can grow into a healthy and energetic ball of fur. We’re also grateful to Patrick for his exemplary actions as street cats often times don’t get to experience the kindness of people.

Remember, everyone. Adopt, don’t shop and adopting does not necessarily mean just from shelters, strays cats need love too.

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