Shу Tаbby Comрletely Oрens Up When He Meеts Resсued Kitten

A kind lady, Jazmin Felder, is the sort of person who takes in stray cats, she was raised that way.

“I was raised to always take care of what life brought to me, and every time a cat crossed my doorstep, I gave them a home of their own and all of my love.”

One day she spotted a rather fearful stray tabby cat up in a tree, he was crying so Jazmin coaxed him down, called him Buddy and now he lives with her.

He was grateful to be offered a safe home but he didn’t get on that well with the other cats in the house.

Buddy kept himself to himself and appeared to be a loner.

Six months after Buddy’s arrival at the Felder home another abandoned cat turned up. Her name is Hannah and she was found under a neighboring house.

Hannah and Buddy were opposites in every way, he was serious and withdrawn and Hannah was outgoing and affectionate.

But for the first time Buddy wanted to be close to another cat and their friendship blossomed.

The relationship has changed Buddy’s personality and he’s become much more friendly.

Now, all six rescue cats are one big, happy family. Jazmin says: “Seeing the bond they have formed together and seeing how Hannah brings out his happiness melts my heart.”

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