Sаd Kitten Lоsing Her Mоm Lives Haрpily In New Lоving Homе

When Animal Cottage-Rescue Center received the call about a newborn kitten who was desperately searching for her mom, they came to the bush and rescued the baby. It was heartbreaking to see the wet-eyed creature silently walk along the bush to find her beloved mama. Her mother might have passed away or got lost, so the little kitten felt sad and missed her very much.

When the rescuers came, the little baby was exhausted. Her throat was dry, and her hope faded. It was her first time meeting humans, so the kitten felt scared and confused. The rescue team reassured her with caressing and love before bringing the lonely soul to their shelter. They called her Mano.

Coming to the shelter, Mano started looking around for food. She hadn’t put anything into her stomach for days. The rescue team fed her with a cup of fresh milk as the baby angel was too small to eat solid food. She even needed some extra help to finish the meal. Mano’s eyes still held some anxiety, which was due to the remembrance of the lost mom. But she had to learn to continue living without her mother. That was a misfortune, but the rescuers would try everything to help her overcome the crisis.

Several days after, Mano could get used to the new place. The little girl started to feel happiness and enjoyment in her life. Days by days, Mano made new furry friends with whom she played all day. Receiving the love and care from the rescuers, she grew up quickly and healthily. She loved all of the members at the shelter who made her child’s age more meaningful and memorable.

Shortly after, Mano was adopted by a great family. Under their love and care, sweetie Mano became a beautiful and cheerful girl. Seeing her in a healthy condition, the rescuer couldn’t hold back their tears. They had fostered the lovely angel since she was just a baby and she couldn’t walk properly. Now, angel Mano is living happily with her forever home.

Watch the full rescue here:

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