Straу Kitten So Afrаid He Keрt Crуing And Нiding Until He Felt Lоve

A lost or stray cat had been living in a warehouse for some weeks, everyone could hear him crying but they didn’t manage to get him to come out of his hiding place.

A couple that already had several animals in their family heard his cries and realized that they had to do something.

So they came on the weekend, hoping to gain the kitten’s trust when no one else was around. They brought plenty of kitten food and left out fresh water.

They did what they could to try and coax him from his hidey-hole and after a few few hours he tentatively appeared and walked up to his new human friends with his tail up.

This tiny kitten was so pleased that someone was feeding him that he kept eating until his belly was filled. The couple stayed close by, hoping that he would get used to them him as he slowly came out from his hiding place.

He looked into their eyes with an expression that appeared like he was saying thank you. Finally they managed to steer him into the cat carrier and made their way home.

They decided to name him Ollie and told him from now on everything was going to be okay .

God bless all the people that give their time to looking after animals in need.

Watch the video:

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