Heroiс Mothеr Cat Rushеs into Вurning Barn to Sаve Her Kittens

The mother and her remaining kitten are recovering at Furget Me Not Animal Rescue after their traumatic experience.

Once again, we’re reminded that pet moms are some of the best moms. This particular episode is not only a demonstration of unconditional love. It’s a hair-raising, dramatic rescue from a burning building.

This semi-feral mother cat was living in a Canadian barn when it caught fire. Her litter of kittens still inside, she ran in repeatedly to try to rescue them. Sadly, she was only able to retrieve one of her babies. According to Furget Me Not Animal Rescue, which eventually took both cats in, the mom sustained severe burns “all over her body” along with smoke inhalation.

Furget Me Not wrote that the mamma was suffering from “unfathomable pain” while still trying to care for her lone surviving baby. CityNews Edmonton reports the cat was covered in burns on her stomach, paws, and ears.

“When there’s emergency situations like that, no matter how full we are, I always do my best and my fosters are so wonderful we kind of figure it out as we go; we just can’t let cats like that suffer,” Furget Me Not’s Christine Koltun told CityNews.

The mother and kitten both have long roads ahead of them before potential adoption. She’s already needed X-rays, sedation, antibiotics, and treatment for her burns. Her burned ears and paw pads will eventually fall off, the rescue wrote. Later on, they’ll both need to be spayed or neutered and microchipped.

In a Facebook message, Furget Me Not said the mother and baby are in a foster home together. The little guy is even eating by himself!

It’s the height of kitten season, so Furget Me Not is already caring for so many cats this summer, but they simply had to take in the brave mother and her newborn—so the rescue and the momma are both heroes in our book!

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