Cat Puts On the Sаddest Faсe Each Time Her Ownеr Leavеs for Wоrk

Waking up in the morning and leaving the house to go to work is hard enough, but for this woman it’s even more difficult because of her sad-eyed cat.

Reddit user Jes Klass has a cat named Ghost. Every time Jess leaves her apartment to go to work, Ghost gives her a super sweet, sad-looking face that says: “don’t leave me!”

What Ghost does when Jes is about to leave comes in three stages: Step 1 – Always waiting at the door. Step 2 – Hold the door open. Step 3 – Give you the saddest look ever.

Ghost has now been labelled the saddest cat ever as his photos go viral and make the news.

Jes had posted many photos of Jes on her Facebook account and he’s absolutely adorable and expressive in all of them. She says: “He’s my world and has really helped me with my depression and anxiety, he’s a great little cat.”

“He’s a really, really loving cat and I think we’re a good pair,” explains Jes. “He makes that face at me pretty often, but it’s especially heartbreaking when I know I’m going to be gone for a full day.”

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