Bаli’s Verу Own Resсued Grumpу Cаt

Meet Billie Blue, a 10-year-old puddy cat who has just been rescued and never known love until now…

Billie Blue was found in a metal works yard in Bali. Her entire coat was matted in spray paint and she looked like she had never had a wash in her life. We asked her ‘owner’ if we could please adopt her as it was clear she needed rescuing. Without even blinking, her owner handed her over with a simple ‘sure’. It was clear that there was no love or connection to the animal – they hadn’t even given her a name.

Finding a crate, we popped Billie Blue inside and took her to the vet. Her owner had thought Billie Blue was a ‘he’, but it turned out she was a ‘she’. She was around 10-years-old and likely had dwarfism, just like the original Grumpy Cat. She had major parasites, was riddled with fleas, and was missing her front teeth. Poor Billie Blue – she had lived a very sad and uncomfortable life up until we found her.

She is currently healing in foster care with a lovely couple who are waiting to see whether their dog accepts her into the family. If all goes well, they would love to adopt Billie Blue and give her a new lease on life during her retirement. She is very sweet and friendly and all she wants is affection.

If would like to help other cats like Billie Blue (or dogs), please consider donating to help us build The Healing Centre – a calm space for sick, abused, and injured animals to decompress and heal!

Billie Blue covered head to toe in spray paint


Safe and sound (and grumpy!) at the vet


The vet decided to shave off all her fur so her skin could start healing


A lot less hairy!


But… always grumpy!


Billie Blue may look angry, but she is full of love

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