Resсued Kittеn Thinks Shе’s a Fеrret

An abandoned kitten was found when she was only five months old. She was adopted by a family who named her Komari and was taken home to meet the rest of the family, who happened to be ferrets!

The five male pet ferrets took to Komari immediately and with their love and care she was nursed back to health. Very soon Komari began to behave like her adopted ferret brothers…

This abandoned kitten was found on the streets when she was just 5 months old


The family took her home where they already had 5 pets.


The kitten immediately started to get along well with five ferrets.


The Ferrets instantly accepted her as one of the family


The kitten, now named Komari was now on the road to recovery


Komari is perfectly normal now, except it thinks it’s a ferret too!


She now spends all her time with her adopted brothers


Soon, Komari started to act just like her ferret brothers


They have lots of fun together


Growing up together as a true family


Eating their dinner together


And chilling together, just like real families do

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