Kittеns Lоves Нis Fоster Dаd So Мuch, Сuddling and Kissing Нim All Dаy Lоng

All rescued cats are grateful for the chance they got, even if they don’t all show it. Some cats will reward their moms and dads with an occasional cuddle, but others simply can’t stop thanking their parents. A ginger kitten was recently saved from the streets by a kind man, and after he took him home, it seems that it can’t stop thanking him.


Kittens Loves His Foster Dad So Much, Cuddling and Kissing Him All Day Long

The cute little bugger cuddles with his dad and gives him kisses all the time. It obviously realized how lucky it was, and even though no one asked for its kindness, it reminds him of how grateful it is every day.

Don’t believe us? Here, look at this video to see how much he loves his foster dad:

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