Kittу Hаs A Permаnent Creeрy Smilе And Yоu’ll Lоve It

From the smug to the foolish and the all-out cute, these smiling cats will certainly improve your day, no matter how awesome or tough it’s been. Your kitty will express happiness via the obvious purring, closing their eyes, and relaxing their head backwards.

We loved these photos because although they appear to be smiling because of the way their mouths are shaped. Today we meet a boy with a special smiling. His name is Wolfie and he has an overbite that gives him his charming smile- a permanent creepy smile and you’ll love it.

1. His name is Wolfie.


2. He has a permanent creepy smile.


3. Hey hooman, look at me!


4. He has an overbite that gives him his charming smile.


5. He has the best smile ever!


6. A vampire?


7. He is so cute?


8. Love Wolfie teeth smile!


9. He is so beautiful with “creepy smiles”.


10. Handsome boy.


11. Have a nice day!

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