The Cаt Sniffеd Ownеr’s Soсks Thеn Нis Reaсtion Crаcked Intеrnet Uр!!

The odor of dirty socks can be shocking for anybody to say nothing about the cat with stronger sense of smell. It is 14 times stronger than human’s. Sense of smell is necessary for cats to survive. The cat uses the nose to smell food, locate a mate, establish territorial lines and warn against animals and danger. When the cat’s nostrils are wide open that means that there is potential threat somewhere close. However, I am afraid, the cat will not be able to sense anything with such owner beside. At least, if he does not change socks!

Just look at the cat’s reaction after he sniffs the owner’s feet. I think he has never smelled something more terrible than that.

This is so HILARIOUS!! I can’t stop laughing with this kitty. SHARE for your friends if you love this!!

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