Kind Wоman Sаves Kittу Infeсted With Mаggots – Tаke A Loоk At Нim Nоw

Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending!

It’s unfortunate, but many animals do end up on the streets without a home, struggling to get food, shelter and medical attention when required.

This is how the story began for this little five-week-old kitty. When he was found, he was in terrible shape. He was starving and his fur was infested with maggots.

It was clear that he wouldn’t live much longer.

Thanks to a good Samaritan named Kathleen. This woman saves kitty like her own son and scooped him up from the side of the road (along with his friend).

It was clear the poor kitty desperately needed medical assistance.

“We scooped him up and luckily had a box in the car, I was driving so my friend was holding him in the box. His eyes and nose were crusty and he was covered in wounds,” said Kathleen.

“Despite how awful he must’ve been feeling, he had a lot of energy and kept trying to escape the box the whole way home.”

Kathleen took him straight to the vet where he was treated with antibiotics and his maggots were removed.

Kathleen knew that this poor kitty needed a forever home, and she didn’t hesitate to give him just that.

Kathleen could never previously have a cat as both her dad and brother were allergic to felines. So she was happy to use this as her chance to finally have a kitty to take care of.

She named him ‘Dizzy.’ Dizzy was clearly very happy to finally be receiving the love and attention he deserved.

“After seeing how sick the kitten was, my mom lightened up and said we needed to find him a home but we would care for him until then. We gave him a warm bath with Dawn soap, and he came inside.”

It took a few weeks of recovery, but the little kitty slowly became better.

He was slowly recovering, being more energetic and clearly getting happier. He is even getting on well with Kathleen’s three dogs.

“He started becoming more alert and pouncing and playing. We began introducing him to our three dogs slowly”.

“My dad said I could keep him until I left for school, but he had to come to school with me. As time went on, it went from that to, ‘we paid his vet bills, he stays here,’” said Kathleen.

“He is now happy, a little bit plump, and best of all he is safe. He only goes outside on our screened in porch, but prefers a bed by a window.”

After a whole five years since Dizzy was rescued, the transformation is remarkable, to say the least!

After a while, Kathleen even got a new kitty friend for Dizzy called stripes, and now the two are the best of friends.

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