Wild Fоx Mаkes Friеnds With A Littlе Kittеn Thrоugh The Windоw

Jennifer Rutter has daily visits from a sweet little fox who enjoys hanging out in her garden or sunning itself on her window ledge.

Rutter often enjoys watching the wildlife through the windows of her London home, just like this special fox.

“I see that fox nearly every day, and she’s a favorite on our street,” said Rutter, speaking to The Dodo. “The kids watch out for her from their bedroom windows.”

Despite the common belief of the foxes of London, this one seems to be well-mannered, “She seems really polite and gentle,” she said.

“[She steps] off the pavement to let people pass, and, apart from the debris she leaves in my garden, she’s very welcome!”

She will even leave trinkets of her doorstep, “It’s brought me so many ‘presents,’” Rutter said. “I’ve had a bag of moldy limes, lots of chicken drumsticks, a single sausage, a small toy car — bread seems to be a favorite.”

Recently though, the fox made a new friend in the form of Dodo, Rutter’s house kitten.

The fox appeared at the window one day and Dodo immediately sprang at the opportunity to play with the wild vixen.

“Dodo was on my knee, and I pointed the fox out to her. She jumped up to the window and caught the fox’s attention, and then I started to film. I’ve never seen them interact before, and it was so moving to see them mirroring each other.”

Here’s the moment on video:

The clever fox watched as Dodo chirped to say hello while pawing at the window.

“I thought the fox seemed curious and playful — not a threat. It was like Dodo had interrupted her, and she was graciously giving the baby cat some attention.”

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