Loving Doberman Mother Adopts Orphaned Kitten And Treats Her Like A Tiny Puppy

A Doberman mother named Ruby has accepted an orphaned newborn kitten into her litter of puppies

Ruby accepted the kitten named Ramlin’ Rose as if she were one of her own, showing how big her heart is.

Ruby’s human Brittany Callan and her family have 14 Dobermans at their farm including the six that Ruby recently gave birth to.

A week after Ruby gave birth, Callan heard a faint meowing from behind her garage, and so she went to investigate.

She found a lonely kitten, so she and her cousin Nicole Gibbs waited around to see if the kitty’s mother would return.

A little while later, with no mother returning, and after hearing some coyote calls, the pair took the kitten inside to keep her safe.

She named her Rambin’ Rose and as she only seemed a few days old, she placed her with Ruby in the hope she could get some milk.

Newborn kittens need milk to survive, and thankfully Ruby was full of it. So Callan introduced the two.

The introduction was easy enough, Callan placed the kitten with its mouth on Riby’s smallest nipple, and to her surprise, Ruby did not react.

Ruby actually became quite attached to her new baby, and they became closer and closer as time went on.

Apparently, Ruby carries Ramblin’ Rose around in her mouth, and often takes her away from her rowdy brothers, and lays her down on the safety of the couch.

“[Ruby] grew up with small animals [and learned] to be nice and just lick them and be friendly with everything,” says Callan. “She’s just an extremely, extremely compassionate dog.”

Ruby used to share the front car sear with a rabbit, and even cuddle with baby ducks in their yard.

Despite their obvious differences, Ramblin’ Rose and her puppy siblings all cuddle together at night and get on absolutely fine.

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