Stray Kittens Found in Bushes are Ready to Start a New Life

A kind couple were out walking when they spotted a pair of kittens hiding in the bushes. They were very close to a busy road.

The couple went to investigate and saw an orange kitten and a calico kitten huddled together.

“I found them in the grass and bushes next to the road. There was food that someone had left there, but the kittens were too young to eat it,” explained one of their rescuers.

As soon as the kittens spotted the couple they came running out of the bushes towards them, the calico even tried to climb up their legs.

They waited around for a while just in case their mother was around, but she was nowhere to be seen and weather was far too cold to leave these tiny kittens to fend for themselves.

With the calico kitten still clinging to their legs they scooped both of them up and took them home.

After being cleaned up and bottle fed some kitten formula, the kittens fell asleep with full bellies into a nice warm bed.

The next day one of them returned to the bushes to see if the mother cat had come back. They spoke to a local that said the kittens had been abandoned there by someone without their mother.

The siblings quickly adjusted to indoor life. they named the orange one Max and the calico Blue. “Max is a little bigger than his sister, and has adorable pink toe beans. Blue is so affectionate and keeps trying to climb our legs.”

The pair are just like two peas in a pod as they wrestle and chase each other around the living room.

When it’s time for a sleep they always snuggle together.

They were both given a clean bill of health by the vet, for now they will stay with their rescuers until they are old enough to begin their new lives in their forever homes.

I love a rescue story with a happy ending – these delightful kittens were fortunate that the right people came along and rescued them in the nick of time, they would not have survived very long on their own.

You can see more of Max and Blue on Instagram.

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