Wоrker Resсues Cat In A Bаg Onlу Seсonds Awaу Frоm It Being Crushеd By Gаrbage Maсhine

Today’s story may change what the expression “cat in the bag” means, as it won’t be as metaphorical as it initially suggests. On December 21st, the workers at the Gorkomhoz utility center in Ulyanovsk were surprised to find a cat in a bag, quite literally! The poor kitty in the bag eventually turned out very lucky, and probably used one of his nine lives, as he was picked up from a conveyor belt only a meter away from the separator that processes the trash.

Mikhail Tukash was the person who unknowingly saved the cat. They have to cut and check every bag on the beltline for metals, and as he picked it up, he didn’t suspect what contents he would find, because the cat neither moved, nor meowed. The cat probably used another of his nine lives, as the cut didn’t touch him. Mikhail looked inside and saw a set of beautiful cat eyes looking back at him. And the cat was out of the bag, a beautiful black and white one, at that.

The worker shook his head in disbelief and told everyone around him. They stopped the beltline to take a moment to comprehend what just happened. The cat was well-fed and well-cared for, so he was definitely a house cat and not astray. They immediately took the cat to the veterinarian to check his health. It was determined that the cat had no injuries and had figuratively “landed on his feet,” as it were, making the reasons for the “disposal” by his previous owners even more unfathomable.

Here are the crucial moments caught on camera:


Everyone was shocked to find a cat in the bag, they stopped the whole belt line after the discovery



Mikhail Tukash was the one who unfurled the cat out of the bag


He was immediately taken to the vet. He wasn’t harmed. The cat was definitely domestic


Mikhail Tukash, the employee who found the cat, was awarded a bonus


The cat was named as Deputy Minister of the Animal Protection department in Nature and Cyclical Economy Ministry of Ulyanovsk Region

However, the people at Gorkomhoz and Ulyanovsk officials were very happy to have salvaged such an unusual present right before Christmas. Mikhail Tukash, who has two cats of his own, was promised a bonus to his salary, and the cat himself was made a deputy Minister by the Minister of Nature And Cyclical Economy Gulnara Rahmatulina, responsible for the animal department. The cat is still waiting to get a new name along with his new identity and new role in the Ministry.


The cat is waiting to get his new name


Incidents like this are on the rise in Ulyanovsk. An albino African pygmy hedgehog was salvaged in a similar fashion

Sadly, this isn’t the first animal who has ended up at Gorkomhoz like this. Just recently, two red-eared slider turtles were salvaged in a similar fashion, and a beautiful albino African pygmy hedgehog (also known as a four-toed hedgehog) who was afterwards named Vezunka. The workers and officials are puzzled by this tendency, and note that these incidents are on the rise. Thank goodness there are individuals and organizations that are happy to save them before it’s too late and take them under their wing.

And two red-eared slider turtles


Let’s hope that the news will deter such incidents from happening again



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