Kittеn Gets a Seсond Chаnce at Life, Wаlks Arоund as a Triрod with Suсh Graсe and Tenacitу

We love it when kittens get a second chance at life and we guess that so do you. This is one such story that will warm your heart right away. The Southon Rescue from Florida recently received news about a kitten that was abandoned by his mom. It turned out to be the runt of the litter and in need of immediate help.

With the help of a Good Samaritan, the kittens was brought to the shelter. It had a big wound on its leg with an exposed bone and a bad infection. Dannielle Southon, the center’s owner, cleaned the kitten up, dressed the wound, and wrapped the stump. She named the poor kitten Jack even though she realized it was a girl later. After over three days of antibiotics, the stump was healing nicely.

While the infection and stump healed over time, it became clear that Jack will grow up as a tripod. The kitten was very determined to get bigger and stronger. It moved around on three paws, but that didn’t stop him enjoying life every day. She ate and grew and played in the center, soaking up all the love she can get.

In a few weeks, Jack was doing better than expected. Once the wound healed, it was obvious that it would survive and thrive. Sure, Jack’s a tripod now, but she doesn’t mind. She sees other kittens run and does the same as you can see from the gallery below.




Enjoy your life, tripod kitten – you surely deserve it!

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