Kittеn Trapрed In Stоrm Drain Is Freеd Aftеr 33 Hоurs Of Hаrd Work

When some people heard faint meows coming from a parking lot, they came to see what was going on and found a kitten trapped in a storm drain. Knowing that the kitten was in danger, they rushed to rescue him. However, it was difficult for them to save him as he was stuck in an 8-inch pipe with minimal access. After failing several times, they decided to call a rescue team for help.

The next day, David Loop from the nonprofit animal rescue group Sierra Pacific Furbabies came to help the kitten get out of the eight-inch pipe. A fire station crew was also called on the scene to give a hand. Then, a crew of dedicated animal lovers came together to save the kitten. Despite being difficult and dangerous, everyone tried their best to help the little baby.

After 33 hours of hard work and vast dedication, the rescue was successful. The kitten was finally freed and taken to a safe place, where he was cared and loved by great people. Everyone was happy for him and decided to name him Piper. We are happy to know that Piper is now living happily with his great family. We hope that his life will be full of joy and love forever.

Watch the full rescue here:

What amazing people! Thanks to them, many animals are saved and given a second chance at life. We hope this video will inspire you to help animals in need. Don’t let them be in danger. All of them deserve a soft bed, a warm meal and lots and lots of love.

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