The old wоman сouldn’t imаgine what sоrt of cat she had tаken frоm the streеt and resсued

Recently, a very special occurrence has happened. An old woman saw a little cat on the street and was grateful towards him. She took him to her place and went out.

The little cat grew larger than the typical cat, but the old woman was not amazed, she took care of him and fed him with homemade milk, sour cream, and cheese.

She loved her cat a lot and treated him as her grandson.

Once thieves that wanted to rob this old woman’s house, easily broken down the door and entered.

The feline was sleeping in the closet on the top shelf, where the caps were.

The cat wasn’t scarred of them. He attacked the thieves and bit the carotid artery of one of the robbers who died in the same spot. The second was injured so that appeared in the resuscitation department. The third one was fortunate – he fled.

The police that arrived at the scene were stunned by what had occurred. It turned out that the grandma’s cat is a wild manul. And the most intriguing thing is that these wild animals are considered untamed.

However the question remains, how did he get so close to people’s homes?

Generally Pallas’ cats  aren’t aggressive creatures, but rather guarding their home, they can assault somebody who attacks their home.

Even wild creatures can be our friends if we treat them well and love them.

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