Men Thаt Mаke it Clear Theу Don’t Wаnt Cats, But Lоok at Thеm Now

Cats are not everyone’s cup of tea. That goes double for men. They are usually more attracted to dogs, considering them one of their best friends. Many men have said that they think cats are stupid and that they’ll never have one in their home. However, tides can change easily when they see a furball in action in front of them.

Cats show love in their own way, and they can win over hearts in just a few minutes. Take a look at the pics of men below. They’ve all declared they’ll never get a cat in their lives, but look at their faces now.

Cats have a power we can’t grasp that makes people fall in love with them in minutes. These pics are proof of it.

1.  This boyfriend who quickly fell in love with the kitty


2. This badass dad who found his new badass best friend


3. This boyfriend who forgot how he hate cats


4. The dad who comforts the kitty in need


5. This dad makes sure his cat is comfy and snuggly


6. The boyfriend who still claims he hates cat


7. This husband who is in denial


8. This boyfriend “isn’t a cat person.”


9. This husband who lets the cat groom his beard


10. This husband now *really* likes cats

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