Littlе Kittеns Walk Right Up To Mаn And Ask Him To Sаve Thеm

An animal rescuer named Chris Poole recently found three baby kittens wandering the streets. They didn’t have a home or anyone to care for them, so the nice guy came to rescue them.

He just wanted to save the kittens, but they were super curious. But after sniffing Chris and his cat carrier, the two of the kittens trusted him and decided to follow him. He gently picked up them and put them into the carrier.

However, the gray kitten was not so sure about Chris, so he refused to go in the crate. And of course, Chris didn’t give up. He and the orange kittens waited until the gray cat came back, walked up right up to him, and went in the carrier.

Before taking the kittens home, Chris checked nearby to make sure there weren’t any others hiding. When the three came home, he gave them a little playroom and a big plate of delicious food. He checked their health, cleaned them, and completely became their cat dad!

Watch the full rescue here:

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