This Cat Loоks Miserаble Due to His Cоndition, but He’s Not Dаrk and Gloomу Undernеath

Rare genetic conditions can make cats look very different, even if it doesn’t bother them physically. For example, take a look at Sushi. This beautiful black cat looks miserable all the time, but underneath the surface is a fun kitty that’s just like any other. Sushi is suffering from a rare condition known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It affects the connective tissues in his body resulting in loose and saggy skin.


The World’s Saddest Cat

Sushi was living on the street and went viral as the world’s saddest cat after passers-by snapped a few pics of him and posted them online. He got the attention of a woman named Larissa Yamaguchi from Sau Paulo that ended up adopting the poor cat.

Larissa knew nothing about his condition for 4 years. She took Sushi to countless vets who just told her to use special creams and topical treatments on his sensitive skin. After reading a story about a cat with a similar condition, she knew what the problem was. She went to a cat dermatologist that confirmed her fears and diagnosed Sushi with EDS.

She was scared at first, but the condition is non-fatal and can be treated. She pays a lot of attention to his dry skin and has Sushi on a special diet. Other than the sad face and dry skin, Sushi is just like any other cat. Larissa uses his example to raise awareness about EDS, making him the star of her campaign.

We’re lucky he’s found such a great owner as his story could have ended up otherwise on the streets.

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