Familу ‘Resurreсts’ Frоzen Kitten Theу Found Undеr The Snоw, Names Him ‘Lаzarus’

A poor little kitten trapped and frozen under a fresh snowfall has just received a second chance at life thanks to a compassionate family that didn’t give up on him. The Bingham family found his cold, lifeless body under the snow on Thanksgiving morning and nursed him back to health.

The kitten was lifeless but not stiff. At one point, Branden Bigham, who was administering CPR, was almost ready to give up on him – until the kitten showed signs of life! Lazarus, as the kitten was appropriately named, was adopted by a member of the family.

The kitten was found under the snow, lifeless but not stiff


They brought the body inside to warm it up


Kitten CPR was the next step


They almost lost hope…


Watch the video report below:

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