Unwаnted Cat Beсomes This Little Boу’s Guardiаn, Follоwing Him Everуwhere

Meet Larry the ginger cat, given up by his owner for breaking into the food cabinet. He was adopted by a woman named Michelle, and soon became her son, Abel’s, guardian. Larry fell in love with Abel the moment they met.

“When Abel cries Larry runs over to comfort him,” said Michelle. “Abel makes sure Larry is with him when he moves from one room to another. Larry tolerates more than I’d ever imagined a cat could or would tolerate.”

Larry was given away after his vet owner caught him in the food cupboard one time too many


So mom Michelle decided to take Larry in


Abel and Larry immediately became best friends


Abel’s first word was even “Yarry” (baby for “Larry”)!


Now, Larry follows Abel around everywhere











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