Poсket-Sizеd Kitten Grоws Up To Be A Wild Womаn

I do love a rescue story that has that feel-good factor, just like this one. It’s good to know there are plenty of caring people out there that will go out of their way to give an animal a better life.

Meet Hank! She was tiny enough to fit in a shirt pocket, but now that she’s grown up she loves to attack her big sister! This is her story.

Jennifer and Taylor recently got a new addition to the family and they couldn’t be happier.

Taylor’s sister’s cat had recently given birth but the kittens were premature because they were all really tiny, in fact they only weighed half the amount that a newborn should be.

The tiniest of the litter was really fragile, but this was because the mom had stopped feeding her, so Jennifer and Taylor decided to take her on and look after her.

Neither of them could get over how tiny she was, you could even see her ribs. They decided to name her Hank and Jennifer noticed that she fitted very nicely into Taylor’s shirt pocket.

It was touch and go at first, Hank needed constant attention but they used a basket as her bed and put in a heating pad, soft toys and odd socks and even while feeding her.

Feeding time had to be every two hours including the night time, they had to make sure she stayed warm because kittens of that age cannot regulate their own heat.

As you can see from the picture below, four weeks down the line and Hank is super healthy. Now it was time to see how their other cat Poppy would get along with the kitten.

Poppy really wasn’t sure what Hank was at first but she stayed by her side keeping an eye on her and now they are firm friends.

Watch the video:

As you can see Hank is doing very well and couldn’t wish for better parents. She’s a bit wild and has her crazy moments but she is also very affectionate and makes a great addition to this happy family.

It’s always good to hear successful rescue stories like this and to see the difference that a little bit of love and attention can do to change and better a life.

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