Tinу Adult Cat The Sizе Of A Kitten Lеarns To Love Lifе After Suffеring For So Lоng

When the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals picked up Giselle, they were surprised to see just how tiny she is. At two-years-old, rescue workers knew she was small but not quite a meager 2.5 pounds! When they shaved off all of her mats and gave her a bath to make her more comfortable, they really got to see how little she is.

Not only is Giselle a Munchkin cat, she’s a very small one. She suffers from some form of deformity of unknown origin and is completely blind. However, despite this condition, she is really proving to be a survivor. She arrived at the shelter filthy and scared, but is now doing very well in a foster home.

Now that she has a warm bed and great food, she’s learning to get around regardless of her disability. She is eating very well, moving around with confidence even though she’s blind, and enjoying meeting her doggie friend, Tuna.


According to Love Meow, Giselle even gets along with the veterinary clinic cat, Butters. She’s becoming very strong and active and her personality is starting to shine. This adorable girl is available for adoption for anyone willing to take in a sweet girl with special needs. We certainly hope she finds the loving forever home she deserves! What an inspiring little kitty!


Sweet Giselle has been adopted and is enjoying life in her loving forever home! You can follow the little kitty with the big heart on Instagram @realstumpycat.


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