Eх-Straу Cаt Helрs Cаre For Straу Kittеns His Fаmily Brings Hоme To Fоster

Meet Rigby, a loving tabby cat who has a passion for raising kittens who are in need.

Holly Brookhouser and her family would regularly foster homeless kittens and they soon realized that Rigby also shared this passion.

The family met Rigby six years prior at a shelter, little did they know he would be so helpful with the foster kittens.

“A year after we adopted him, I started fostering kittens and realized he had a strong desire to help care for them,” said Holly to Love Meow.

One day, Rigby walked over to the foster kittens and began snuggling and grooming them all day long.

He took on the role of surrogate parent and showered them with endless amounts of love. He spent all his time with them and wrapped his arms around them as they slept.

“When the babies don’t have a mom he will lay still while I drape bottles over his body and feed the orphans. They feel like they’re nursing. Occasionally, he’ll help potty them too,” said Holly.

“Once the kittens are about five weeks though he’s ready to play, and eat their kitten food! He’s an opportunist but as the kittens start exploring and playing, he warms up to the moms and usually wins them over,” said Holly.

He’s been a great help even with older fosters. “I’m able to test any foster cat on him to see if they’d accept another cat or not.”

Holly is now carting for two litters of kittens, one with a mother cat and one without. The mother cat (Millie) has stepped up to take care of both litters.

“I’m so glad she is here to help! Both litters are content with full bellies. The smaller kittens like cuddling with their bigger adopted siblings,” Holly added. “With lots of teamwork and supplementation, she’s mothered all 11 like a breeze!”

Let’s not forget that Rigby is always around to help, often he will babysit the youngsters when Millie is off taking a break.

All the kittens love Rigby to pieces, you can catch them wrestling until the kittens get tired and end up resting next to him.

“When protective mamas aren’t near, he kicks in gear,” Holly wrote.

Well done Holly for taking care of cats in need, you are the real hero here!

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