A Сute Resсue Kittеn Goеs Crazу for Hеr First Stаrbucks Treаt

Foster the Furbabies is an animal rescue organization that helps rescue weak and tiny kittens. They recently posted a hilarious clip on TikTok that got over 13 million views. It showed a tiny black kitten who fought through all the hardships to survive just to mess with a Starbucks Puppuccino when it got back on its feet.


Meet Meredith the Kitten

Meredith and her siblings were found orphaned on the streets of New Jersey. They were soaking wet and seriously ill, but with the help of the organization, they were rescued. At the time, the kittens were only 3 weeks old. They suffered from respiratory and eye infections and were immediately treated for that. After that, they were sent to the shelter and vets were pretty optimistic about their outcome.

The next weeks were crucial for their help, but Meredith and the bunch managed to get through it all. With the help of the vets, they were finally cleared for adoption. However, due to the severity of Meredith’s eye infection, slight vision impairment was unavoidable. The good news is that she was cleared for adoption, and to celebrate that, the rescuers decided to take her on a trip. To Starbucks of all places.

Meredith was always excited about food, so a Puppuccino seemed like a perfect idea. This is a small cup of whipped cream that cats and dogs are crazy about. As soon as she took the first sip, Meredith was in love. It was all caught on camera and shared on TikTok, and we can confirm that it’s a wild ride. We just love how she can’t resist the drink, and think she deserved it after literally being brought back to life.


Kudos for Meredith and the organization for their efforts, and we hope she lives a life full of wonder. And more Puppuccinos, of course.

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