Kоko Thе Gоrilla And Нer Kittеns Arе All Grоwn Uр

Koko the gorilla became very popular for taking care of her kittens when she was young. The kittens provided her with some kind of responsibility, and kept her company. But now Koko’s kittens are quite grown, and are now full fledged cats.

The cats, Ms. Gray and Ms. Black are very close to Koko and they are always ready to snuggle up together when nap time rolls around. Although the relationship have evolved over time, this one will definitely last for a life time.

Check out the video!

It just goes to show that friendships can be formed under any circumstance, as long as the effort was in place. Both Koko and the two cats aren’t just thankful for each other’s company, butthey wouldn’t exchange these lasting bonds for anything else. Share away, people.

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