Fluffу Kitten Didn’t Grоw Like The Rеst Of The Littеr, But Still Fоund Lоve In A New Hоme

Cats can come in various shapes and sizes, with the only thing not changing being their growth pattern. When a kitten is born, it should double its body weight in 5 days. Of course, there is a runt of the litter occasionally, but most cats don’t stray away from the pattern.

Widdle is a kitten that was recently born in a litter of 5 which was rescued from the streets of New Zealand. They were born in a rough neighborhood and wouldn’t have survived on their own. Luckily, help arrived on time and the kitties were rescued in a temporary foster home. Later, they were sent to live with a girl named Jessie who originally found the kittens and she’s been doing a great job as a foster mom.

Jessie had a cat who died recently, so she needed a new feline (or felines) in her home. Widdle was given to her along with the other kittens and the mom, and she immediately noticed that he was a bit too tiny.

This is why she named the little guy Widdle.

Of course, tiny kittens are not unheard of, but while the other kitties grew, Widdle stayed the same size.

The other kitties were adopted into new homes, but Widdle just refused to grow.

5 months later, the tiny kitten weighs 900 gr. which is the size of a 9-week old kitten. No one’s really sure why he’s growing so slow, but he’s being tested at the moment and fed with supplements.

However, his tiny frame doesn’t stop the kitty from being fully adorable.

He’s quite relaxed and loving and follows everyone around.

He steals tasty food from the counter and seems like a normal cat of his age.

“When he comes at work with me, he eats, naps and steals treats from the office,” Jessie says smiling.

Jessie says that Widdle is a “foster fail”. Their time was supposed to be short, but he made his way into her heart and she decided to keep him.

“We’re not sure if he’ll be able to live long, but for now, he’s healthy and happy,” Jessie said. “Fostering is a full-day grind that can be hard and cause an occasional heartbreak, but at the end of the day, it has its own rewards,” Jessie wrote.

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