Mу Cat Sits Like A Humаn And Alwaуs Stiсks His Tоngue Out

From the moment I laid eyes on Winston, I knew he wasn’t an average, every day, normal cat. He sat up tall and looked straight into my eyes as if he had been waiting for me all along. His little pink tongue sticking out unbeknownst to him and more than enough fluff to go around. It was love at first sight.

My partner Nick got Winston for me as a birthday present. Little did we know he would be the gift that keeps on giving! It didn’t take long for Winston’s big personality to shine through. He became acclimated to us and our home almost as quickly as my phone started filling up with photos of him.

He is hilarious. His signature pink tongue is always sticking out and he is constantly sitting in an almost human like position. He’s different than any other cat we’ve come across and we have people tell us every day that they “don’t like cats but they love Winston!”.

I created Winston’s Instagram page @winstonsmushface shortly after we took him home just for fun. It gives me an excuse to take more pictures and videos (not that I need one) and it keeps me from flooding my own Instagram with cat photos. To my surprise, people from all over the world have started following his page. His following has now grown to over 5,000 people in six months!

Never in a million years did I plan or hope that he would get this much attention. To us Winston is our little Winnie, the cuddly, affectionate, and wildly goofy cat that came into our lives by chance. He fills our days with happiness and constant belly laughs. It’s wonderful to know that people all around the world are getting the same joy from him that we do.

Meanwhile Sunday




Sun salutations


Just a bit tired


Um a little privacy please




Winston the first day we met!


Snug as a bug in a rug




Fuzzier days


I’m hiding from Monday


Happy birthday Winston




Winston Smushface, Executive Producer


Gecko spotting


Soul brothers

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