Two Cuddly Kittens Always Sleep Side By Side

A family from Japan bought one of those really cute dolls sized IKEA beds for the newest members of their family.

Kitten siblings Canele and Amelie, both three months old, cannot sleep unless they have each other to warm up to.

The bonded siblings love it so much that they’ve been napping in it ever since.

How delightful to see them cuddling together in a wooden bed, fast asleep. They even have their own teddy bear and a blanket to keep them warm.

According to their human, Rie Tamura, the two of them can’t get to sleep unless they’re nestling together.

Rie explains: “I’ve had the kittens for just one month now, I rescued them and became their foster mum. “They’re well behaved, they can be mischievous, but they’re almost always loving towards each other.”

“They love their older brother Sora and they want him to sleep with them, but they’re happy just the two of them.”

Rie added that since adopting them she can’t stop filming the pair.

Bearing in mind how adorable they are, it’s not hard to see why.

Watch the video:

They are all grown up now and the love they share for each other and of course their IKEA bed is as strong as ever.

How delightful!

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