Womаn Adoрts Cat then Rеturns to Shеlter to Adоpt His Best Friеnd

Megan Marsh had her heart set on Dwight, a rescue cat at her local animal shelter, she thought they would make a good fit so decided to adopt him.

Megan didn’t really know much about Dwight’s former life, but all of that changed when his former foster parent reached out to her unexpectedly.

Nora decided to contact Megan to tell her about Dwight’s best friend Conan, another cat that she was fostering at the same time as Dwight.

They had been doing everything together for over a year until Dwight got shipped off back to the animal shelter.

Megan was hesitant at first when she found out the news, but decided to go through with the decision of finding him a home.

She turned to her friends and family on Facebook, looking for someone that she trusted and loved to take Conan in.

However, They are all convinced Megan that the perfect solution was for her to adopt Conan as well.

A long journey can be stressful for cats, but as soon as the two kitties were reunited, Conan went from stressed to instantly calm now that he had his best friend by his side.

These adorable kitties will now live out their best of their days together.

Although Dwight and Conan have found their forever home, there are still many kitties out there waiting for the right person to come along and adopt them and to give them a chance at a better life.

They were so lucky that the right woman came along at the just right time and had a big enough heart to take both of them into her family.

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