Meеt Bеll, The Cаt With A Majеstic Fluffу Tаil Just Likе A Squirrеl

Meet Bell, a beautiful majestic cat with a tail so fluffy you can’t help but want to touch it. Bell’s has other pets as well so she is always surrounded by furry friends, whether they’re feline or canine.

Meet Bell the cat


She has a fluffy tail


Just like a squirrel

Bell’s owner ricorico_rico has more than 162,000 people following her on Instagram. If you like Bell be sure to check out her friends who are just as adorable, too.

We would love to touch the soft looking tail


Bell lives in Japan



Bell is a Minuet cat

Currently, Bell is 4 years old, she is a Minuet (aka the Napoleon cat), which is a mix of Persians and Munchkins.

Minuet cats are also known as Napoleon cats


They are bred from Persians and Munchkins


The Minuet breed is known for its amazing coat…

Minuet cats are known for their short legs, round faces, and dense fur coats. An interesting fact is that despite its short legs, a Minuet is able to jump, run, and play just as agilely as any other breed of cat.

…as well as short legs


Who wouldn’t love to have a cat like Bell?


Napoleon cats are incredibly healthy: they have very few health-related problems. That’s mostly because Minuets were bred to avoid the various health defects that Persian cats have, such as the excessive formation of tears, the blockage of tear ducts, flattened faces, as well as fur coats that tended towards matting.

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